Finnish-Japanese Naoto Niidome's design that respects nature, high quality materials – a truly unique readymade cottage. Where would you build your Maja?

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Design readymade cottage Maja - Koya Oy

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Producer: Koya Oy, Ähtäri
Designer: Naoto Niidome
Net floor area: for example 3 x 2,8 x 4,2 = 11,76 m2


Frame: laminated veneer beams, twofold conifer plyvwood Feet: 40 cm high aluminium structure Isolation: walls 50mm, roof and floor 100mm urethane Windows: double glazing, 6mm quenched glass unit Inside walls and roof:: white waxed spruce, pine or ash board Floor: pine cleat floor


Hard ground: there is no need for special foundation on rock or any other solid ground like for example gravel stones
Soft ground: spiral bars are fastened down to solid ground and the building will be installed on top of the bars on ground level


Standard: living room, terrace, bedroom, kitchen and sauna Structure: modules can be attached for example side by side leaving out the partition walls forming larger space. Terrace can be built either on the front or on the back side of the building. The measures of the modules can be changed according to specific needs (extended upto 4 metres, depth upto 5 metres).

Three seasons readymade cottage

Maja, a light structured readymade cottage is designed by famous Finnish-Japanese architecture Naoto Niidome. The original idea of the design lies on having the nature in your Maja living room. Maja is designed for three seasons; spring, summer and autumn. Cottages are manufactured individually from the very beginning in Ähtäri, Southern Ostrobothnia.

Quality and design

High quality material choices and design appreciating the nature make Maja unique. The elements of the cottage are planned small and light, which enables swift and easy erection even on difficult building site.

Choose your own kind of Maja

Maja consists of many same sized modules. The standard solution has three modules; one living room with large window, one bedroom and outer terrace with roof. Maja can be enlarged according to individual needs sideways using three different kinds of units and every unit can be freely furnished as you wish. Modules have electricity equipment in standard, conduit equipment is optional.
As an alternative also a sauna module which include the sauna, lavatory and kitchen!